Over the years, "Protect the Tradition" is the anthem that has evolved.  Upper classmen remind new team members of the responsibility that this theme carries.   

Started in 2000, annually, each team selects their own seasonal theme - a three letter acronym, whose definition is kept secret amongst the players and coaches.  Many try to guess or de-code the meaning, but it is not revealed until the final game is played. 

These mottos are part of the bonded spirit between each individual member of the team, regardless of grade or skill-set on the field.  It is personal to the group of athletes that take the field, but also guides them within all their activities. 

Each season is listed on the menu to showcase their contribution.  Take time to look at each team and know they understood what it meant to "Protect the Tradition"!

2012 4A State Champ Team photo-trophy in dome

2012 4A State Champions celebrate on the field in the Tacoma Dome.  These experiences are respected and enjoyed.