Since the early days of Skyline football, we have captured images of the players, coaches and games.  Originally, black and white film photos were taken and parents went to a Spartan home to select prints of their athletes experience for the family photo album.

With the dramatic advancements to digital photography, parents are still interested in collecting these memories, but in many cases, they get too engaged in the game and miss important moments or don't have the equipment to really get the shots.

The project of SGC offering photos to parents as part of our fund raising initiatives was  originated by Jim Simpkins, an alumni dad and action photographer for the WSU Cougars, who during his time on the Sparta sidelines provided over 67,000 pictures. 

As other professional and amateur photographers contacted us, we realized that we had to work to ensure that the integrity and brand of the photo program isn't compromised and that the program, as well as athletes and coaches are protected.

Currently we have a great group of Spartan shutterbugs working to ensure this year's  memories are preserved.  Coordinated by alumni photographers Jim Nicholson, additional alumni Jim Boyle and Chuck Blackburn, along with other volunteer photographers are added to the ranks each season to ensure we have coverage at all Skyline level football games. is our official photo gallery site.  Photos for the season are available by team level for every game played, as well as tagged into individual galleries. Other photos captured emulate the spirit and pride surrounding Skyline Football.

The sale of photos and related merchandise are part of our fundraising initiatives.  These memories are priceless to families and cost effective to purchase, whether by a single shot or an entire player gallery.  Print, digital and merchandise make wonderful gifts for keeping or giving.  We know you'll agree! 

Annually, SGC produces the printed football program, which is distributed at all home games for FREE.  It includes salutes to Seniors, team photos/rosters, historical stats, records, rosters and much more. 

Another popular item has been our End of Season Yearbook. Content captures all aspects from early workouts in January through the final game of the year and includes both on the field and off the field activies. This coffee-table style projectl provides many years of pleasure.  While the majority of the pages cover the Varsity season, there are also JV and Frosh sections. Seniors get a copy as a gift, but anyone can submit a preorder. 

Finally, the Varsity season is captured through video.  Thanks to the efforts of alumni dad Greg Thies/Skyline Sidelines, this collection of game footage, interviews and more allows players, parents, and fans - locally and anywhere an internet connection can be accessed to see fantastic, professional game highlights.

For more information on any of these projects, send an email