Skyline Gridiron Club activities relating to Skyline Spartan football are year-round.  As soon as the season ends, the new one begins the following January. 

While at the high school level, players are encouraged to communicate and advocate for themselves direct with the coaching staff, we also know how important it is to keep parents informed.

We don't publish or sell the contact information we collect.  We also don't use it outside the scope of what SGC and Skyline football requires to communicate with our constiuency.  With dozens of volunteers who help us with all of our projects, these folks will have access to the information; however, they are aware that distributing or using it for a purpose that isn't sanctioned will result in limiting access to the info.  

To ensure that you are kept updated as to all of the things that occur, please use this link to register:  Current Player-Family Profile

If you have more than one athlete playing, please enter separate listings for each one.  We track things by graduation year, which also allows us to easily transition information once the athlete graduates and becomes an alumni.

Note:  This step serves as a family "opting in" to receive our information, so therefore it is repeated EVERY season your athlete is playing.  This ensures that we have current information.  Remember that our SGC database is separate from the schools, so keep things up-to-date so you don't miss anything!