Established in 2011, contributions to the Skyline Football program are recognized when they exemplify what the Spirit of Sparta is all about - PRIDE, EXCELLENCE, SCHOLARSHIP, HONOR, INTEGRITY.  

Each year in our program, we have dozens of  volunteers that invest their time and money in an effort to enhance the experience for our players, coaches and program.  But then there are those instances when, without solicitation, those contributions go above and beyond. 

Although this award may not be given every year,  we have established two categories to use for recognizing these exceptional acts:  INDIVIDUAL/FAMILY and BUSINESS. 

Recipients receive an engraved crystal football we hope they will display proudly in their home or company.  

Suggestions for recipients can be made by emailing: .  A written explanation of no more than 300 words must accompany the submittal.  SGC Board of Directors will make the final choice of the award.

Past award winners include:

2012 SOS Recipients

2011 SOS Recipients