Show your Spartan Spirit by shopping for Skyline football apparel and items throughout the year.

Our strategic partner, Prep Sportswear, offers over 100's of items with dozens of unique designs to choose from.  Whether it's one tshirt for this week's game or lots of holiday gifts, we know you'll find something just for you.  All items are shipped direct to your door.  And a portion of EVERY SALE is remitted back to support our team.  Just click the link and shop away! Our store is open 24/7, 365 days a year!  

Click Here: Gridiron Gear - Online

BONUS:  Notice that at the top of the page, items can also be purchased from many different categories (college, proteams, vintage, racing, Greek, military, golf courses and more).  Any order for these categories that starts from our site, will qualify to also send residuals back to us.  So don't be afraid to look around!

Special Orders are organized in bulk each year prior to the start of the season, including our player/family personalized sweatshirts and  fabulous stadium chairs to name a few.  End of Season Yearbooks also can be purchased using the method below.

On line orders (link belwo) must be submitted by deadlines to ensure inclusion and a paper order form (below) must accompany payment so we don't miss anyone! 

Personalized Stadium Seats

2016 Cutter Buck Polo Shirt                          2016-CB-Polo-Shirt.pdf

2016 Personalized Sweatshirt On Line         2016_SGC_Sweatshirt_Order_-FINAL.pdf

2016 EOS Yearbook On Line Pre Order       2016-EOS-YEARBOOK.pdf




Many of the events that are held each year have some of our merchandise items for sale. and sometimes we have sales of special items out in front of Mercer in the QFC/Pine Lake Plaza. 

Questions about Skyline merchandise?  .

NOTE:  Other Spartan sport websites also have merchandise available because of a special arrangement.  Check out the links on the home page to find out which ones.