10th Annual - June 2017- Skyline's Spartan Stadium. 

Skills & Drills on the Hill was developed to offer high school football coaches a teaching venue for their athletes as part of their off-season activities. Produced by the Skyline Gridiron Club and hosted by the Skyline Spartans, the multi-day schedule offers segments for offensive, defensive and special team player improvement.  Teams are selected by coaching staffs of high schools from around the state!

Parents and spectators are encouraged to attend from participating schools to cheer on their teams. Community members from the surrounding area are welcomed to witness these activities also. Admission is free of charge.

Concession stand will be operating. First aid station for injuries/emergencies available.

Sponsors over the years have included: US Army, Sports Authority, Coca Cola/Powerade, Swedish Hospital, PrepSportswear, Costco, Waste Management, Evergreen Ford/Ford Motor Company and other local businesses

DEADLINES: Coaches can secure team spots by following these steps and meeting these deadlines.
On-Line Registration: Mon, May 22, 2017
Team/Player Fee Deposit: Tues, May 30 2017

If school PO is used, copy must be received by deposit deadline to ensure that an invoice can be generated so payment can be processed before end of school year.

First:  To secure a spot, complete SDH On-Line Registration Form

Second:  Print/Mail Registration_Form along with team fee and player deposit

Third:  Print/Complete Coaches-Player_Check_In and Participant Waiver forms Due at check-in

For out of area teams considering partipation, we have worked with local hotels to pre-arrange discounted rates. In addition, some accommodation arrangements may be available in local churches or other community based locations.  Contact: for more information.

Overview of Activities
7 on 7 Passing Competition- VARSITY & JV

Skilled players on both offense and defense participating in a round robin, instructional style competition on (6) field Turf and (2) Grass fields.
20 minute contests. 40 yard fields High school rules apply as needed
Saturday competition results determine game schedule for Sunday.
One hand touch (below the neck). No Pads. Mouth guards are mandatory.
QB stools used for snaps. Home/away jerseys should be brought
Offensive team provides game ball coin toss determines possession start for each game
Maximum (2) teams/school – Minimum 7 offensive/7 defensive players/team

*Earlier start (8am) and abbreviated schedule due to administrative conflicts on Sunday. 

Fumbles: dead ball where ball hits ground
Blocking not permitted – defensive player’s responsibility to avoid contact
Blocking foul – 5 yard penalty from spot of foul & loss of down
Offensive players must set a screen after a reception, provided feet aren’t moving & he doesn’t initiate contact
Running backs must release outside the tackles on all passing routes
Coaches permitted on field behind line of scrimmage only; if no huddle is used, all coaches must be off the field
3 downs to get 20 yards for 1st down 4 downs to score

FROSH 7 ON 7 Passing Competition

Same rules as Varsity event.  Matchups will be dependent on number of schools bringing freshman athletes.  Team and player fees will apply. 

Kicking & Punting Contest - Main Stadium during lunch break

Individual participants earn points for both punting and field goal attempts. Kicking tee stands supplied.
Trophies awarded based on point system for each event.

Lineman Challenge - 5 events PLUS Tug O War - Main Stadium - During Lunch Break
Five events require either offensive and defensive lineman to show their speed, strength and agility.
Results determine final bracket for tug of war, which determines winner.
Individual participants score for their school in three match-ups including: bench press, hoop relay, tire toss, obstacle course
Team participation scores in two events including: truck push and tug-of-war
6 man rosters no substitutions maximum (2) team/school
Trophies awarded for 1st & 2nd place OVERALL Lineman Challenge; Tug of War trophies for 1st & 2nd place
Player Information
Mouth guards are mandatory; can be purchased at First Aid tent while supplies last.  Athletic supporters encouraged.

Parent waivers required for all participants to receive SDH issued wristbands which must be worn during all competitions and to receive meals.  Bands are color coded based on participation levels and days.

All Participants required to remain on site to ensure game schedule is maintained.               

Players must be age eligible to play high school football in the upcoming school year.

Player individual participation fees cover meals on both days and event t-shirt

Teams responsible for taping all participants First aid stations provided

Shoes: turf or tennis shoes for field turf games; football cleats for grass fields
t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, windbreaks or raingear (weather dependent)

Knee or elbow pads allowed; personal water bottles ok; No gum, seeds or food allowed on fields

Coaches Information
Complimentary lounge available for meals and meetings
Reserved parking spot for each participating head coach - carpooling suggested
Coaches/team check-in done each morning, plus coaches meeting/field assignments
Player waiver forms required to be signed/turned in by 9am on the day of competition Player fees may be remitted at coaches check in
On-line registration, team fees and player fee deposit must be remitted by deadlines Estimated of number of players and coaches attending also required - final reconciliation will be done at checkin

Questions about registration?